Practice Area

International & Domestic Arbitration Specialists


We have advised and continue to represent contractors, producers, processors, transporters, state agencies, joint ventures, insurance companies, and various other stakeholders.

We are experienced in handling high stake, complex, cross-border disputes through the entire cycle of the projects, including:

  • Exploration, production, distribution;
  • Field development;
  • Construction of the pipelines and platforms;
  • Loading, lifting
  • Operating and sales contracts
  • Off-take agreements
  • Drilling contracts
  • Equipment lease contracts
  • Production sharing agreements
  • Refining agreements,
  • Distribution and binding agreements
  • Onshore and offshore licensing


We routinely handle large-scale infrastructure and development projects and have represented multiple parties from numerous jurisdictions. We are experienced in handling disputes relating to time delays, price escalation claims, claims for defective works, professional negligence, contract termination, liquidated damages, loss and expense, acceleration, additional works and prolongation, indemnities, etc. We are experienced in disputes arising under all of the standard forms and also in respect of the various public procurement methods.


Parties need specialised external counsel which is experienced in the subject matter of the dispute with a history of having handled similar disputes in the past. In the Construction Industry where arbitration is now the norm for a method of dispute resolution. Advani Law LLP has led representations for the biggest construction companies over the globe with multi-disciplinary expertise including technical and financial aspects. We have a history of success rates as high as 80% in securing awards, and with our network of reputed local counsel for regional expertise, we have proved effective in securing and enforcing awards in most jurisdictions globally with reduced costs.


We have a thriving practice focused on the resolution of shipping, admiralty and maritime disputes through arbitration. We have accumulated years of experience in advising major international corporations, ship owners, charterers, cargo interests, insurers and salvers, as well as numerous small companies. We have advised extensively on charter parties, passenger and cruise ships, piracy, pollution, indemnity, insurance and reinsurance, salvage, ship-building, conversion, repair, finance, sale & purchase, and yachts, as well as for circumstances such as fires, sinking, stranding, grounding, collision, salvage and towage or wreck removal.


We are the first law firm in the region with a specialization in arbitrations in the banking and finance sector, which is fast becoming a great strategic tool for large-scale organizations in achieving cost-effective and technically sound awards in cross-border banking and financial disputes.

We are competent in advising on claims arising out of complex financial products, disputes relating to the results produced by financial models and formulaic calculations, closeout netting in case of industry-standard contracts, and advise funds and other market participants on the buy-side.

We are adept in dealing with FINRA-administered arbitrations and P.R.I.M.E. Finance amongst others Arbitrations in the sub-domain of banking and finance posit unique challenges both in the drafting of arbitration clauses as well as resolution of disputes. Our deep experience and understanding of complex cross-border and multi-party financial transactions put us in the driving seat as the region’s first boutique practice specializing in this sector.


Large scale renewable energy disputes tend to get complex with several actors in multiple jurisdictions to require often the involvement of public authorities. We are experienced in successfully handling disputes triggered at any and all points during the life cycle of renewable projects, from development to construction to operations. We have vast experience in deal with a breadth of several contract structures with multiple sub-contracts who are often subject to different legal regimes, which often trigger “back to back” contracts. We have a large portfolio of clients with who we have assisted on all sorts of disputes at all points, from the development phase to construction and to operations.